Players taking inspiration from the return of EU Casino’s ‘Winners Wall’

It is an old fashioned concept that many consider to be a little dated to many, but there are many much like myself who still get a kick out of seeing my name on the winners wall at an online casino. Sadly, it seems the Winners Walls have been placed very much on the back burner in 2015, most seem to no longer be updating them and those that do are tucked away in the far corners never to be seen. Thankfully, one casino has decided that it is time put the Winners Wall front and centre again, take a bow EU Casino!

Full Transparency

Speaking on the matter a representative of EU Casino said, “We are sad to see that the Winners Wall has been regulated to a bit part role at many online casino sites. Thankfully, we are set to bring it back and display it in all its glory. Winners will now be displayed publicly, giving other players plenty of inspiration”. What is so revealing is that EU Casino is now adopting an open book approach to operations, with the new Winners Wall approach being the cherry on the top the cake. Site members can now regularly check in online to see who has been winning what and where, with even the most lucrative prize wins becoming transparent to others. Well organised and with regular updates promised, this new approach is sure to be one that players will love moving forward.

Depth in Coverage

The Winners Wall is on its way back and at EU Casino it is set to be gargantuan in size, with its coverage being more in depth than many would have expected. Spilt into two categories, Over 300 and Under 300, it seems that everything is displayed and in simple fashion. For example, if you look in the Over 300 category you will see that user bommelaus70 won five times, totalling €1,060, when playing Superman Slots. When you look at the Under 300 category you will see that bommelaus70 was just as successful in smaller increments on games like Cosmic Fortune. The depth of coverage here is simply phenomenal and is going to win EU Casino plenty of followers, it seems analysts are sure of that.

Try your own luck

If you fancy your own chances of winning big at online casinos in the coming days, you should check out an online casino portal. Hundreds of free spins casino no deposit can be found at, giving you a free chance at the big bucks. If you get lucky, it might be your name that pops up on the Winners Wall this weekend!

Charting Success

It seems that coverage of winners isn’t just issued at random either; they are charting who has the biggest wins each month. At the end of every playing period they are charting the top ten player performances of the time frame. Take one look at the charts for August and you will see that it was “RH” who made the most, with winnings that topped €70,000.

Old School

While it may be a little old school, take one look at online casino portal and you will see that players still have a fondness for Winners Walls. At several gaming portals you can now find several casinos that are transparent with who’s winning, and how much. Taking that information on board it seems EU Casino are about to bring theirs back, with many players eagerly anticipating its return.


Online Casino Q&A

From novice players to fully-fledged professionals, it seems every online casino player loves a bit of trivia. Those unanswered questions or an interesting fact or two only tend to add to the fun feeling to the online casino realm. Have you always wondered about a certain piece of online casino trivia? Then keep reading, as you may find the answer that you are looking for amongst the following.

How many online casinos exist in the world today?

After looking at an online casino portal you may think that the number of online casinos in operation features somewhere in the low hundreds. This couldn’t be any further from the real number, as the total number of online casinos in operation is actually around 1,500. That’s right, there are literally thousands online of casinos out there on the World Wide Web.

What is the value of the online casino industry?

Prepare to be astounded, but the online casino industry is rumoured to be worth around $1 billion. Not only that, such figure is expected to grow tenfold before the close of the decade.

Where can I find the biggest online casino jackpot?

When it comes to jackpots, every player knows that slots is where most of the action lies. But it isn’t the ordinary slot games that you need to concern yourself with. When you want to think big, you need think about progressive jackpots. These games work on network set-up where all the games contribute towards a single consistently growing jackpot. Jackpots of such games can grow in the tens of millions, with games like Major Millions, Thunderstruck, and Mega Moolah being played by thousands every day.

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Which countries have the biggest luck when it comes to online jackpot payouts?

You asked and we’ve looked through the figures. Here is a break down of what countries won what during 2009, one of the leading years in online casino history, when it came to payouts.

Country Winnings
USA $60 million
Canada $20,3 million
France €13.4 million
Italy €12.2 million
UK £11.8 million
Greece €8 million
Australia $5.3 million
Germany €4.5 million
Sweden €4.2 million

When it comes to poker what is the biggest win ever recorded?

It is known as the gold standard when it comes to online poker play and has seldom disappointed in the prize department. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has churned out some truly big wins over the years. The biggest of all wins came in 2006, when the tournament winner Jamie Gold brought home a cool $12 million. From there down there have been $9 million wins, $2 million wins, and $1 million wins.

How can I find a suitable online casino to play at?

The big secret to the online casino world and finding the exact online casino to suit your needs is found within the casino portal. These handy little website are fountains of information with regards to the online casino landscape. News, reviews, previews, and user comments are regularly published, with such information taking you to the heart of the matter when it comes to online casino performance.

NetEnt and Nektan come together for new mobile casino push

In 2015 it is clear that mobile casino gaming is putting the squeeze on its desktop and laptop based brother. Through various innovations and intriguing game concepts it seems that many players are taking their casino gaming activities mobile. As the mobile casino market continues to emerge it seems that there are plenty of developers that are looking to get in on the action. Speaking of developers that have turned their attention towards mobile devices, NetEnt have recently announced a brand new working arrangement with Nektan.

This new deal between two of the biggest names in all of mobile casino gaming will see NetEnt distribute over 40 mobile titles across the Nektan mobile casino network. Considered to be a deal that increases both party’s mobile casino gaming market share, it seems that many players are watching what unfolds with eager eyes.

Strategy Implication

It can be argued that no company puts in more time or works harder to command an audience than Nektan. The company’s marketing and promotional efforts are second to none, making Nektan a true leading name in the world of mobile casino gaming. The latest deal with NetEnt should work to push Nektan to even greater heights, as it falls right into their growth and expansion plans. Striving to offer the very best mobile casino experience that money can buy, by introducing NetEnt titles into the Evolve platform it could make that the case in the near future. David Gosen, current Nektan CEO, has spoke warmly on the new deal with NetEnt, “NetEnt are an award winning online casino game developer, with their content constantly winning mass critical acclaim. As we look to push our own mobile platform to the next level, we feel that bringing in third-party games from such a well-respected developer will allow us to do that”. This means that according to Gosen, those who host the Evolve platform have some new games coming their way, “The Evolve platform is the best in the world of mobile casino gaming and is only set to get better with the addition of NetEnt’s finest games, including Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst”.

Quality Approved

NetEnt have stood on top of the online casino industry for some time, producing seemingly smash hit game after smash hit game. Each and every game that is produced seems to come loaded with intricate detail and expansive game play features. Another positive feature within NetEnt’s operations is their round-the-year push to branch out to new gaming platforms. Speaking on the latest name to work with NetEnt, NetEnt’s Enrico Bradamante has said, “Netkan are creating plenty of positive noise on the mobile casino network front, which is why we are pleased to be working them moving forward. From now on you will see NetEnt games feature across the Evolve mobile casino platform”.

Come Together

The mobile casino market isn’t just growing in size; it is growing in value too. Where money is found you can be sure that NetEnt won’t be far from sight. Through a brand new deal with leading mobile casino Nektan, it seems that NetEnt is bringing its leading games to the platform of yet another provider. The ink isn’t even dry on the deal between the two companies yet, but one thing is for sure, it is going to set the cat amongst the pigeons as far as mobile casino gaming is concerned. If you’re a fan of the NetEnt range of games, visit, as all the casinos recommended by them uses NetEnt, and you will also be able to pick up some really good free spins offers at various games from this popular developer there.