It is an old fashioned concept that many consider to be a little dated to many, but there are many much like myself who still get a kick out of seeing my name on the winners wall at an online casino. Sadly, it seems the Winners Walls have been placed very much on the back burner in 2015, most seem to no longer be updating them and those that do are tucked away in the far corners never to be seen. Thankfully, one casino has decided that it is time put the Winners Wall front and centre again, take a bow EU Casino!

Full Transparency

Speaking on the matter a representative of EU Casino said, “We are sad to see that the Winners Wall has been regulated to a bit part role at many online casino sites. Thankfully, we are set to bring it back and display it in all its glory. Winners will now be displayed publicly, giving other players plenty of inspiration”. What is so revealing is that EU Casino is now adopting an open book approach to operations, with the new Winners Wall approach being the cherry on the top the cake. Site members can now regularly check in online to see who has been winning what and where, with even the most lucrative prize wins becoming transparent to others. Well organised and with regular updates promised, this new approach is sure to be one that players will love moving forward.

Depth in Coverage

The Winners Wall is on its way back and at EU Casino it is set to be gargantuan in size, with its coverage being more in depth than many would have expected. Spilt into two categories, Over 300 and Under 300, it seems that everything is displayed and in simple fashion. For example, if you look in the Over 300 category you will see that user bommelaus70 won five times, totalling €1,060, when playing Superman Slots. When you look at the Under 300 category you will see that bommelaus70 was just as successful in smaller increments on games like Cosmic Fortune. The depth of coverage here is simply phenomenal and is going to win EU Casino plenty of followers, it seems analysts are sure of that.

Try your own luck

If you fancy your own chances of winning big at online casinos in the coming days, you should check out an online casino portal. Hundreds of free spins casino no deposit can be found at, giving you a free chance at the big bucks. If you get lucky, it might be your name that pops up on the Winners Wall this weekend!

Charting Success

It seems that coverage of winners isn’t just issued at random either; they are charting who has the biggest wins each month. At the end of every playing period they are charting the top ten player performances of the time frame. Take one look at the charts for August and you will see that it was “RH” who made the most, with winnings that topped €70,000.

Old School

While it may be a little old school, take one look at online casino portal and you will see that players still have a fondness for Winners Walls. At several gaming portals you can now find several casinos that are transparent with who’s winning, and how much. Taking that information on board it seems EU Casino are about to bring theirs back, with many players eagerly anticipating its return.


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